Buyer's Guide

Buying a home is usually an emotional process, but at the same time, it is also a financial transaction. A person makes a long term financial commitment with an emotional angle. It is a moment when the person is excited, stressed, and many times in a rush to complete the whole buying process. But buying a property is a one-time decision for many. So, be careful and checkout for these factors before indulging in the entire process of arranging the booking amount, down payment, and finalizing the home loans, not to regret later.

The goodwill of the builder and the overall brand -

A buyer must check out whether the builder has delivered any other projects, the time of delivery of projects, whether delayed or on time, checking the old and the ongoing projects, and checking out the builder's reviews and the property on various websites.

Connectivity to the workplace –

One of the most crucial parameters for buying a property is the distance between the buyer's workplace and the property. A longer distance means inflated fuel cost, time lost in traveling, and eventually getting frustrated and exhausted every day.

Connectivity to the nearest civic and recreational facilities -

The property must be in close proximity to the necessities such as schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, shopping places, places of worship, entertainment areas, restaurants, vicinity to railway stations/ airports/ bus stops and public transportation. The availability of these necessary utilities makes life easy, convenient, and hassle-free.

Future Resale or Rental potential of the property –

While buying a property, a person is unsure regarding the future. The future may require the buyer to either sell the property or put it on rent. At such times, many factors play an essential role in determining the property's future potential, such as the amenities in and around the property, availability of utilities, the future proposed plans of a specific area, the general location, and aesthetics of the property.

Amenities offered both inside and outside the property –

The builders, nowadays, are offering a lot of amenities both inside and outside the property. Internal amenities such as good construction and better finishes with fixtures and fittings of premium brands. The outdoor facilities like swimming pool, walking track, playground, children play area, senior citizen area, clubhouse, internal shopping complex, fitness center or gym, etc. A buyer must evaluate these amenities as 'must-have' or 'simply good to have' and then make an appropriate selection of the property.

Safety and security measures that are undertaken by the developer –

A buyer should check whether the property is a gated society with a security guard and other security measures like CCTV cameras, electronic security systems, visitor parking, and entry.

The overall design and aesthetics of the property –

The property should look appealing and inviting by way of its design and aesthetics by its look, structure, surroundings, elevation, façade, and the overall layout. These will also have an impact on its future rental or resale potential. On buying a house, it becomes a part of a person's life. From the moment an individual steps in, they should feel - It's so good to be back home! So, think twice and decide wisely!